Tile Replacement

Newton Tile Contractor

Newton Tile Contractor

 Tile replacement and removal should be performed by a professional to ensure quality results. By removing and replacing individual tiles, Newton Tile Contractor Inc. can make the necessary repairs to make the surfaces look like new again. 

The cost is very affordable as we work with your budget in mind, and we also work in a timely fashion so that you can go back to enjoying clean and fresh tiles. 

Keep the Tile You Love with Tile Replacement 

If you have one tile or more in disrepair, there is no need to replace all your tile. Tile replacement services allow you to keep your same elegant design.

You do not have one tile with a different color or shade than the rest of the tiles. All of your tiles will match completely, so you will feel comfortable knowing that your floor will look excellent with a replacement.  

From retro ceramic and porcelain tiles to current stone tile designs, Newton Tile Contractor Inc. works with all types!

If you love your tile, Newton Tile Contractor Inc. will help you keep it. 

Tile Replacement for Longer Tile Life & Cost Savings 

Newton Tile Contractor Inc. professional tile replacement services enable your tile lifespan and can serve to reduce future repairs. 

You can extend your tile life with simple replacements that will not extend outside of your budget. We can remove and replace individual tiles and perform necessary grout repairs to make your surfaces look new again at a fraction of a complete tile renovation project.  

With our professional tile replacement, you will not need to prepare for weeks of renovation time, not to mention the time it takes to find a reputable renovation company.  

Newton Tile Contractor Inc. specializes in smaller tile repair and replacement projects that will have your tiled area back in order very shortly. Most tile repair projects are complete in one visit! 

Our clients love the time and money they can save over a full-area renovation project.  

Our Tile Services  

Newton Tile Contractor Inc. master artisans have successfully finished scores of jobs to complete satisfaction. And several of these short-term projects evolved into lasting business relationships. 

Our tile contractors can handle a variety of tasks, including:

  • Tile Flooring Installation
  • Tile Flooring Repair
  • Walls / Backsplash / Countertops
  • Bathroom/Shower Install
  • Bathroom/Shower Repair
  • Natural Stone (Granite, Marble, Slate, etc.)
  • Grout Repair / Replacement
  • Tile or Grout Cleaning

Let us know what you need, and we will get you free estimates. Costs vary by certain factors, including:

  • Type and quality of tile
  • Style and quality of materials
  • Size of the project
  • Square footage
  • Layout of rooms
  • Complexity and details of tile design
  • Condition of the subfloor and walls

Our number one goal is to ensure the tile design you want for your home is the tile design you get in the end.


Contact us today, and we will provide you a no-obligation FREE estimate for our services.